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Ottawa Health and Dental InsuranceHealth and Dental insurance provides specific coverage for medical and surgical procedures as well as drug prescriptions, eye care, dental care, and other health-related expenses. Coverage is available for individuals and families. Health and Dental insurance often are sold together, but may also be provided separately. Policies are flexible to meet your family’s needs and your financial abilities.

Health insurance supplements Provincial Health Care plans by providing funds to cover a percentage of the medical expenses incurred during an illness or hospitalization.

Health insurance also typically covers, in part, the cost of:

  • prescription drugs
  • ambulance services
  • specialized therapists
  • vision care

Health insurance may also provide insurance for losses due to accident, disability, accidental death and dismemberment. Limited travel insurance may also be included within a health insurance policy.

Dental insurance is similar to health insurance in that it covers a percentage of the cost of regular dental care, including routine check-ups, polishing, and fillings.

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