SRI (Socially Responsible Investing) – Ottawa, Ontario

socially-responsible-investingSocially Responsible Investing is rapidly growing practice among portfolio managers which provides investors with the opportunity to generate competitive returns while at the same time promoting the social good. In this sense, SRI takes into consideration a company’s financial performance, as well as its social, moral, religious, and/or environmental impact.

Socially Responsible Investing evaluates corporate practices in relation to particular investing criteria.  For example, an SRI may screen out companies that are involved with tobacco, pornography, gambling, or weapons production.  SRIs may also screen for fossil fuel production, fast food, or contraception/abortion.

SRIs also use positive screens to identify companies that promote practices that in some way benefit society.  Positive criteria may include clean technology, community investing, safe working conditions, adequate pay, or gender equality on corporate boards.


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