Ottawa Financial Advisors

Ottawa Financial Advisors at Potvin Financial are Fully Certified and Qualified for Investment Advice, Portfolios, and for Short-Term and Long-Term Investments for Retirement.

Do you really need a financial advisor?

The answer, ultimately, depends on you and your financial situation, but we at Potvin Financial have been trained to deal with a number of personal financing planning questions and concerns, including retirement. Our professional team can give advice on more than just how you allocate your savings and investments. We can talk about insurance policies, how certain moves affect your financial stability, and then help you unlock the hidden potential in your investments with specialized assistance.

Services Offered at Potvin Financial

Our services are broad, but all carry the same goal: to help you set realistic personal financial goals as well as assessing your overall financial health by examining your current income, assets, liabilities, insurance, investments, estate plan, and beyond. Some events that might prompt you to seeking out the financing planning services of a professional financial advisor are:

  • Wanting to save up enough money for retirement
  • Rolling over a pension or retirement plan
  • Handling an inheritance of a large amount of money
  • Unexpected and hefty financial burdens
  • Marriage and divorce
  • Plan or adoption of a child
  • Serious illness

  • Lay-offs
  • Ageing or disabled parents
  • Disabled children
  • Death of a family member
  • Education
  • Buying, selling, or inheriting a business

Whether you have been doing your finances yourself for years or are just starting out, we have insight on what works and what doesn’t, especially during the retirement years. For example, if you have yet to do retirement projections that look into how long your savings will last, you should contact a financial advisor to help with creating the ideal financing plan.

If you have questions about how to manage your money, or if you are merely seeking out other options of how to gain financial security, you can trust in our council to set you on the best possible path. Having a local Ottawa financial expert is beneficial and assuring, especially in today’s world. Contact a team member from Potvin Financial today and have all your Financial Planning questions answered today.

Our Services Include:

Financial Planning and Advice

Investment Management Services