What’s the Difference Between a Financial Planner & Financial Advisor?

June 24th, 2019

Though some people use the titles interchangeably, financial planners and financial advisors are two different entities that revolve around helping clients meet specific financial objectives. However, planners and advisors work differently. Necessary qualifications and education are also different. What Does a Financial Planner Do? Beyond the province of Quebec, anyone can call themselves a “financial planner.” In Canada, you do not need a designation to be called a financial planner,… Read More»

How to Choose a Financial Advisor in Canada

November 4th, 2017

Choosing to confide in a financial advisor is a big step, and we at Potvin Financial congratulate you on making the decision to entrust someone with your personal finances. There are a number of financial professionals in Canada who can help you with identifying your financial goals and establishing a firm foundation to keep your stable later on in life, but we hope that you contact us for your needs…. Read More»