How Much Do I Need to Save For Retirement in Canada?

June 24th, 2019

There’s no need to lose sleep over planning for retirement if you learn some financial concepts and plan for your financial independence accordingly. Presently, low interest rates have made it effortless to secure loans and other financial products, but those same low interest rates made growing savings and investments is challenging. Therefore, you need to know more than how much you need for retirement in Canada. You need to know… Read More»

Annuities – Ottawa, Ontario

May 6th, 2015

Annuities are contracts sold by an insurance company which provide guaranteed regular payments to the policy holder during retirement. Individuals invest funds in the annuity, which are locked in and grow interest for an established period of time. At the end of the term, the annuity pays out a specified amount of money at defined intervals. Annuities and their interest are not taxable until the funds are withdrawn from the… Read More»